LNG is at the core of Connect LNG's solution portfolio, but we are not stopping there. Hydrogen and Carbon Capture are being presented as solutions to the global climate debate, and we believe our jettyless solutions will unlock the potential of these new industry areas.

UTS - Overview


LNG is the part of the natural gas market that makes it truly global and is one of the fastest growing fuels globally today.

UTS - Overview


Hydrogen is seen to be a pivotal solution to the energy transition and path to de-carbonising industry.

UTS - Overview

Carbon Capture

Carbon capture offers a path to climate change mitigation. Technologies are needed for the commercialisation of capturing and storing CO2.



Ammonia is a naturally occurring colorless gas used for a multitude of purposes including acting as a refrigerant and used as a household cleaning agent.

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With proprietary technology suitable for ammonia, CO₂, hydrogen, LNG, and more, ECONNECT Energy is engaged in international projects:

  • Serving the upstream, midstream, downstream and bunkering sectors;
  • Decarbonising shipping, power generation and mobility;
  • Where affordable and agile solutions are required;
  • In environmentally and socially fragile areas with low-footprint technology.
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We are dedicated to fulfilling your project goals and de-risking your marine infrastructure

ECONNECT Energy was founded to address the challenges and inefficiencies of traditional LNG offloading methods from ship to shore. Our core offerings remove the need for fixed and permanent infrastructure, such as quays, jetties, trestle structures and loading platforms, and our technology also transfers ammonia and liquid CO₂.

Dredging and marine construction, which are both expensive and damaging to coastal areas, can be eliminated with ECONNECT Energy’s floating jettyless transfer solution.

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Our domain experts will evaluate your project parameters to ensure Jettyless is a viable and optimal solution.


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