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Smart, low-impact marine solutions

Reduce impact

Protect marine environments with low-impact jettyless solutions, leaving aquatic environments undisturbed.

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Save time

Accelerate your energy project by enabling a speedier lead time and permit process with floating and low-impact terminals.

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More flexibility

Our fluid agnostic IQuay® transfer solution is easily transportable and can be chartered to suit fluctuating market demands.

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Transform traditional shore-side loading/unloading to be cost and schedule effective

Traditional energy infrastructure projects are high risk- and expensive investments, sometimes in environmentally sensitive areas. We provide jettyless transfer solutions, unlocking fast-track market opportunities and supporting the full lifecyle of our customers' assets.

The ECOnnect Energy jettyless IQuay in operation

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Visit us at Hannover Messe 2024, 21.-26. april

Visit us at Hannover Messe 2024, 21.-26. april

Apr 3, 2024
minute read

As an exhibitor at the Norway Pavilion, ECOnnect is gearing up to present our energy terminal solutions at Hannover Messe 2024. With Norway serving as the official partner country, the event underscores the nation's commitment to advancing sustainable industries on a global scale.

ECOnnect in the jury for the Norwegian Export Prize 2024

ECOnnect in the jury for the Norwegian Export Prize 2024

Mar 14, 2024
minute read

In a significant gathering of innovation and business at the Munch Museum, the Export Conference 2024 highlighted the strong pulse of Norway's export field. Among the notable attendees, ECOnnect, previously celebrated as the newcomer of the year, was invited back this year for the Export prize, as well as a panel discussion.

A closer look at Methane

A closer look at Methane

Feb 22, 2024
minute read

A hydrocarbon with a potent global warming potential (GWP), it constitutes much of the natural gas we consume (anywhere from 50-90%) and it is getting a lot of attention these days in the conversation about climate change, and for good reason - over a 20 year period it has 80 times more global warming potential when compared to carbon dioxide.

UTS LNG transfer in sunset.ECOnnect Energy's Jettyless IQuay transfers LNG, Ammonia, Hydrogen and is used for CCS

With proprietary technology suitable for ammonia, CO₂, hydrogen, LNG, and more, ECOnnect Energy is engaged in international projects:

  • Serving the upstream, midstream, downstream and bunkering sectors;
  • Decarbonising shipping, power generation and mobility;
  • Where affordable and agile solutions are required;
  • In environmentally and socially fragile areas with low-footprint technology.
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We are dedicated to fulfilling your project goals and de-risking your marine infrastructure

ECOnnect Energy was founded to address the challenges and inefficiencies of traditional LNG offloading methods from ship to shore. Our core offerings remove the need for fixed and permanent infrastructure, such as quays, jetties, trestle structures and loading platforms, and our technology also transfers ammonia and liquid CO₂ for carbon capture.

Dredging and marine construction, which are both expensive and damaging to coastal areas, can be eliminated with ECOnnect Energy’s floating jettyless transfer solution.

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Our domain experts will evaluate your project parameters to ensure Jettyless is a viable and optimal solution.


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