The Azane Fuel Solutions ammonia bunkering terminal recieves DNV approval strengthening Azane's position as the leading provider of safe, turnkey bunkering terminal for the maritime industry.


Aug 23, 2022
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The Azane ammonia bunkering terminal approval from DNV is a major milestone in establishing the safety protocol for the bunkering of ammonia, enabling the uptake of ammonia as fuel to decarbonise the maritime industry.

DNV Approval in Principle (AiP) for NH3 terminal ship bukering & loading station

Azane Fuel Solutions addresses barriers for shipowners and cargo owners to decarbonize by providing bunkering solutions for theclean ammonia value chain. The AIP is an important step in further verifying readiness for the commercialization of Azane’s proprietary ammonia bunkering terminals prior to commencing construction. DNV’s AIP is an independent assessment of a concept within an agreed requirement framework, confirming the feasibility and soundness of a design with no obstacles that would prevent the concept from being realized.

Providing a technical solution and infrastructure to implement ammonia as fuel

Azane sought third party approval to verify the safety of the floating bunkering solution,demonstrating the robustness of the system for commercial deployment. The approval enables Azane Fuel Solutions to strengthen its position as the leading provider of safe, turnkey bunkering terminal for the maritime industry. Additionally, this approval fits within the larger strategy for the company offorging a new safety protocol for ammonia bunkering in Northern Europe, with plans to expand safe ammonia bunkering globally.

Ammonia bunkering terminals with commercial readiness

Last year the Azane Shareholders, AMON Maritime and ECONNECT Energy, received support from Norway'sGreen Initiative program for the Ammonia Fuel Bunkering Network, along with consortium partners. In April-2022 the company announced that Yara had pre-ordered 15 units to sufficiently cover the Scandinavian market with needed ammonia bunkering infrastructure.

“Safe and efficient bunkering infrastructure is necessary to decarbonise the shipping industry with clean ammonia fuel. We are pleased to note that our partners in Azane Fuel Solutions have now received the approval-in-principle for ammonia bunkering terminals,moving one step closer to construction start,” stated President of Yara Clean Ammonia, Magnus Ankarstrand.

Following the approvalfrom DNV, Azane and Yara will initiate an approval process with DSB (NorwegianDirectorate for Civil Protection) to establish several bunkering locations in Norwayand Scandinavia.

“Together with Yara, we are moving as fast as we can to realize carbon free shipping with ammonia fuel,” says Chairman of Azane FuelSolutions, André Risholm.

The first 1,000 m3 bunkering terminal is scheduled for operation in 2024. The bunkering terminals can be delivered worldwide and are designed to suit the global market.

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Aug 23, 2022

Azane Fuel Solutions is a Norwegian technology company focusedon providing turn-key solutions for small-scale ammonia bunkering terminals,enabling the decarbonisation of the maritime industry. Together with leadingconsortium partners, Azane plays a critical role in the “Ammonia Fuel BunkeringNetwork” project in Northern Europe, helping to optimise the complete, cleanammonia fuel value chain from production to consumption. With proprietarydesign and technology, Azane provides cost-efficient, flexible and scalablebunkering terminals designed for safe installation and operations in existingports, setting the standard for ammonia bunkering.


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