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ECONNECT Hires New Director of Sales and Business Development

Jan 29, 2021
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As a new year starts, ECONNECT Energy is pleased to announce that the company is growing – we warmly welcome Bjarne Eia as Director of Sales and Business Development.

Bjarne will be responsible for commercial growth in LNG, especially in APAC and middle-east, and has an intimate understanding of shipping and the LNG value chain.

Bjarne has extensive experience from the shipping industry, working most recently with LNG tankers.

After having studied to be a Master Mariner at the University of South-Eastern Norway, Bjarne joined the Merchant Navy and has worked in a Maritime capacity ever since. He shares:

“From childhood I have been genuinely interested in the proud maritime traditions we have in Norway which was fuelled through long family traditions within shipping.”

He also held such positions as the Commercial Director of TECO Coating Services and was promoted to Managing Director of TECO Solutions AS, and was also the Senior Vice President of Business Development for Avantis Marine.

When asked about his decision to join Connect LNG, Bjarne shares:

“Having followed the company through the media over the years and in one way knowing what it takes to bring something from initial idea to completion, I was attracted to ECONNECT because of the wide variety of challenges and opportunities I know will come with this job.”

Bjarne is married and has three children and one granddaughter. In his spare time Bjarne likes to be in wilderness, skiing or hiking, and exploring new places by boat or motorbike. Consistent with his love for the sea, Bjarne enjoys anything that has to do with saltwater. “I have to know that the sea is close to me, I couldn’t live away from it.”

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Apr 13, 2021


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