ECONNECT Energy’s modular & flexible IQuay system will be deployed for an offshore LNG infrastructure project

ECONNECT Energy to deliver jettyless LNG transfer system to global energy company

Nov 9, 2021
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ECONNECT Energy signs a contract with an undisclosed global energy company to deliver LNG transfer technology featuring a modular and innovative fast-track infrastructure solution for offshore applications. ECONNECT Energy will provide a proprietary transfer system between an offshore LNG facility to a permanently moored floating storage, for a variety of extreme metocean conditions.

“ECONNECT Energy is a leader in jettyless marine transfer, and we are delighted to be selected to join this LNG project, advancing global energy projects and LNG terminal facilities with our game-changing jettyless transfer solutions. Our unique, modular technology allows for LNG transfer operations in extreme weather conditions and rapid deployment. We look forward to leveraging our decades of LNG and offshore experience in combination with our client’s novel approach to energy infrastructure development,” says Magnus Eikens, CCO of ECONNECT Energy.

The delivery from ECONNECT Energy leverages traditional marine infrastructure and existing LNG transfer operations, as it is optimised to be scalable as well as compatible with a wide range of FSUs and FSRUs. The jettyless scope will accelerate consumer access to natural gas in a cost effective and agile manner.

“It is an honour to have been selected to realise this LNG development. The collaboration across both businesses has been truly motivating, as well as inspirational. I am extremely proud to be part of such a dynamic and international team, which has been resolute in their dedication to delivering smart marine infrastructure solutions for delivery of cost-effective and clean energy”, says Jane KG Kristiansen, Director of Business Development & Sales, ECONNECT Energy.

ECONNECT Energy’s patented transfer system, the IQuay C-Class, made history with the world’s first jettyless, floating transfer of LNG in 2017, and has since been adapted for a variety of applications. The IQuay F-Class offering is suitable for permanent or semi-permanent installations, whereby LNG and gas can be safely and efficiently transferred between supply and storage facility. Flexibility is inherent in the system’s design, meaning the F-class can be connected to any FSU or FSRU, and is designed to operate in extreme metocean conditions. The IQuay F-Class connects vessels to offshore production terminals, floating storage units, and can be combined with the jettyless IQuay C-Class to provide separation between the floating terminal and the visiting LNG carrier.

ECONNECT Energy Chief Technology Officer David Knutsen and Director of Development and Sales Jane K.G. Kristiansen
Last updated:
Nov 8, 2021



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