ECOnnect welcomes this year's Summer Interns (from left): Brage Hall, Oda Bruun-Olsen, Gabriel Gjessing, and Hanna Løvås.

Kickstarting the Summer with Our New Interns

Erika Tellmann
Jun 28, 2024
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This is ECOnnect’s third summer welcoming dynamic interns from prestigious universities to real-world business scenarios. Our program offers hands-on projects, professional collaboration, idea pitching, and impactful contributions. This year, we are proud to introduce NTNU interns with diverse backgrounds in engineering, business development, and technology management, all united by their dedication to sustainability. Meet our interns and learn more about them below!

  1. What motivated you to apply for an internship at ECOnnect?

Hanna Løvås: From an early age, my passion for entrepreneurship led me to start my own venture. This curiosity about the growth phase of start-ups motivated me to apply for an internship at ECOnnect. Joining a growing business in the renewable energy sector aligns greatly with my interests. ECOnnect’s innovative solutions in renewable energy are inspiring and impressive. This internship offers a chance to learn how newly established firms manage growth and tackle challenges in the renewable energy industry. Additionally, knowing that three founders of ECOnnect attended the same Master’s program provided extra motivation.

Oda Bruun-Olsen: ECOnnect challenges traditional routines in the renewable energy sector, paving their own path in how to best solve problems. I was excited by the opportunity to see what it's like to work inside such an entrepreneurial company, broadening my perspective on how internal operations function. Being a small firm, ECOnnect provides a close-knit environment where I can get to know both the company and its employees well. This setup offers a unique chance for more hands-on experience, which I find exciting as it directly tests my critical thinking skills.  

Brage Hall: As an aspiring business developer, I wanted to learn from the best. When attending the annual alumni gathering for NSE, I was convinced by hearing CEO Morten Christophersen speak about the company, conveying its culture and values. Not only was ECOnnect Energy one of the most successful ventures originating from my university, it seemed like a well-organized, people-centric workplace filled with genuine, professional and ambitious people. I asked him for a chat about an internship right away. I couldn't miss out on this opportunity!

Gabriel Gjessing: From an early age, I have been passionate about the ocean and boats. This lifelong interest naturally led me to seek an internship in the maritime sector. I applied to ECOnnect Energy to combine my maritime interest with critical thinking. Working at an entrepreneurial company like ECOnnect inspires me to think outside the box and approach problems with new and creative ideas. ECOnnect is continuously growing, and I find it fascinating to gain insight into building company culture and growing together during the scale-up phase, while solving complex problems with great coworkers and clients.  

  1. What has been your favorite part of the internship so far?

Hanna: One of the most valuable aspects of the internship has been participating in important company meetings and engaging in future-oriented projects. The team's support and openness to my involvement in various projects have been encouraging. Their genuine interest in feedback and innovation, including a dedicated email for employee ideas, makes me admire the company’s culture even more.

Oda: The employees within the firm have shown great trust in us and have been very welcoming, setting us up for success. I am thrilled to work on real-life projects where I can apply my skills and knowledge to meaningful tasks. This hands-on experience has been incredibly rewarding and motivating. Additionally, the collaborative atmosphere has allowed me to learn from ECOnnects employees and further develop my skills.  

Brage: Feeling like a part of the company from day one. Within the first couple of days, we had gotten familiarised with the entire leadership team, the company as a whole, and the workflows behind their core deliverables. This drastically lowered the threshold for reaching out to anyone in the organization and significantly boosted my motivation to contribute to the company. This inclusive environment has set the baseline for a very good internship experience.  

Gabriell: Feeling trusted and appreciated as part of the ECOnnect team from day one has been wonderful. Starting with a specific project right away meant no waiting time for meaningful work, which has been exciting and enhanced my evaluative thinking. I immediately appreciated the open culture and look forward to working in this environment over the summer. Inclusive social gatherings like team workouts,  lunches, team dinners, and rooftop drinks have made the experience even more enjoyable.


  1. What are your career aspirations after graduation?

Hanna: After graduation I aspire to work for my start-up, which is called Seasy Data and focuses on sustainable reporting for indirect emissions from shipping firms. I am passionate about working within the fields of renewable energy, climate reporting, carbon capture, and shipping, with a significant emphasis on making a positive impact.

Oda: I aspire to work within the maritime sector, focusing on innovative solutions and sustainable practices. I am passionate about contributing to the green shift, as it is crucial to take this seriously for the future. The motivation to work on something valuable for the future drives my career aspirations.  

Brage: My dream is to have a job in which I find genuine enjoyment and fulfillment, to the point where I don't even look forward to the weekend. I am currently in the process of establishing my own startup, Dyp Technologies, which will leverage generative AI to solve problems for legal professionals. Followingly, my current main aspiration is to innovate within the legal sector, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness through cutting-edge technology.

Gabriel: I am enthusiastic about taking on tasks that are both challenging and exciting, as they bring out the best in me and enhance both my problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Moreover, my adventurous spirit inspires my interest in working abroad, which I see as a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in new cultures and collaborate with diverse teams, particularly in the field of maritime studies.      

  1. What is something surprising that you have learned about ECOnnect?

Hanne: The entire ECOnnect team has demonstrated a genuine interest in us, the summer interns. They are eager to learn more about us and have encouraged us to reach out to them whenever needed. Knowing that support is available from various departments is incredibly reassuring. Additionally, I value how the CEO takes the time to familiarize himself with our summer roles and shows ways to provide the best learning oppertunities for us.

Oda: The employees at ECOnnect are highly solution-oriented, demonstrating a strong ability to approach tasks from a problem-solving perspective. They are also involved in more projects than I initially anticipated, which adds to the dynamic environment. I find it impressive that the average work experience among the employees is 20 years, indicating that despite the company's relative youth, its team members bring experience and diverse expertise to the table.

Brage: I am impressed by the scale of the deals ECOnnect has successfully achieved, notably their contribution to helping Germany source 8.5% of its gas. This accomplishment illustrates that with strong teamwork and expertise, smaller firms can indeed achieve significant objectives. Their success demonstrates that size does not constrain a company’s ability to execute large-scale projects, setting an inspiring benchmark for future initiatives.  

Gabriel: I am impressed by ECOnnect's forward-thinking approach to problem-solving and solution development. Their open-mindedness in problem-solving and project execution is shown in their diverse and complex projects in Germany. This versatility demonstrates their ability to handle a wide range of projects. Also, the open layout at ECOnnect's new office was a positive surprise, showing their dedication to a low-hierarchy structure that enhances accessibility and encourages collaboration.

  1. What advice would you give to future interns at our company?

Hanna: I recommend applying even if you're not completely sure. If the work the company does catches your interest, definitely go for it! The interview process can provide valuable insights and help you determine if it’s the right fit for you. Personally, it was after my interview with ECOnnect that I truly realized this is an inspiring company to be involved with. At the office, embrace the challenges, appreciate the trust placed in you, and remember not to underestimate your skills.

Oda: I suggest reflecting on the areas you're passionate about and how your skills can support a company's goals. This approach can help ensure you engage in work that truly interests you. Additionally, being proactive during the application process, such as reaching out with emails and asking questions, can boost your chances of success.

Brage: My approach when applying for this internship demonstrates the value of reaching out and making yourself visible to stand out from the crowd. My best advice would be to get in touch with someone in the company, ask questions, and show genuine interest. Once you get to the interview stage, be yourself and be transparent. This will allow both you and the firm to see how your skills and interests can be best utilized. There is room for many different skillsets in this rapidly growing company.

Gabriel: Approach the application process with curiosity and think about how your strengths can help solve problems. This mindset allows you to clearly identify how you can contribute, which can be very useful during your internship application process. Maintain a positive attitude and be open to opportunities that come your way. Saying yes can lead to valuable experiences and growth.

Interested in working for ECOnnect, or becoming an intern? Check out our Career Page here

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Jun 28, 2024

Erika Tellmann


Erika Tellmann

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