ECONNECT Energy shares case study from 2021 commercial operation with Gasum


David M Knutsen
Danielle Murphy-Cannella
Sep 29, 2021
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Gasum Cargo delivery and floating hose measurements

In May of 2021 we conducted a commercial IQuay transfer operation with Gasum and other partners, while also using the opportunity to collect exclusive measurements of the flow rate and pressure of fluid in the floating, flexible hoses.

In May 2021 at Herøya, Norway, ECONNECT Energy conducted a transfer operation together with Spanish Energy Company Naturgy Energy Group, operator Gasum and terminal owner Air Liquide Skagerak. The cargo was delivered via IQuay floating transfer technology with minimal personnel for the aerial hose hookup to the carrier vessel and with remote monitoring of the asset onshore during the discharge operation.

In addition to the import operation from Gasum-chartered carrier, the Coral Energy, to Herøya, the operation also measured the flow rate, friction and pressure of fluid in the floating, flexible hoses. The import delivery was an opportunity to further benchmark the operational performance of the system against traditional energy transfer solutions.

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In May 2021 ECONNECT Energy conducted a commercial IQuay transfer operation with Finnish Energy Company Gasum

Commercial Operation with Exclusive Measurements

The operation was split into two phases. In the first phase fluid was circulated from the carrier high manifold, through the IQuay system, and back into the carrier lower manifold. All process data was logged for the purpose of calculating the friction factor of the floating hoses. In the second phase of the operation, the IQuay completed commercial offloading to onshore storage tanks between Gasum and Air Liquide Skagerak.

At the Herøya Industripark CO2 quay a floating barge was moored containing a spool piece to enable circulation through the system, and a cryogenic composite hose connected the IQuay system to Air Liquide Skagerak’s onshore terminal. The IQuay was deployed to the Anthony Veder carrier, moored offshore from the beach, and successfully connected to commence both the loading of fluid to the onshore terminal and for purposes of circulation from the vessel through the IQuay system and back to the vessel.

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Image of spool piece on barge to enable re-circulation through the system for measurement

With two valves on each barge header, one valve at the nitrogen exhaust and one valve on the barge spool piece, all tasks could be performed by changing the valve configuration. To obtain the friction factor the floating hoses were arranged to measure the pressure drop over the two individual hose lengths while circulating fluid from the starboard side, over the barge and back over the port side of the platform.

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Drawing of shore connection and barge with test spool piece valve isolation for recirculation to carrier

Two flow meters with associated straight spool pieces and flow conditioner plates were installed at each side of the u-shaped spool piece on the barge. The flow conditioner plate was installed upstream followed by the straight spool piece to improve the flow profile at the downstream ultrasonic flow meter and hence improve the flow measurements. The temperature was accurately measured at strategic intervals. Pressure loss through the flexible pipe and IQuay system in general was measured using differential pressure sensors verified by individual pressure sensors along the line.

“The ship to shore transfer with the floating IQuay was an opportunity to further prove the capabilities of the system. The cargo delivery and analysis verified the system process performance and provided us with exclusive insight into the performance of floating, flexible hoses,” said ECONNECT Energy Project Manager Jørgen Agerup.

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Image of the IQuay connected to the Coral Energy Carrier for discharge

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Apr 25, 2023


The operation was a successful delivery to the Air Liquide onshore terminal and further proved the capabilities of the floating, flexible hoses as applied to the IQuay technology.

The operation was performed on schedule and according to careful planning involving commercial partners, local authorities and third-party surveyors amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the unique, floating nature of the IQuay system served to accelerate the marine-based permitting process due to the system’s limited interaction with the local marine environment.

“We appreciate taking part in such an innovative operation with our feeder, Coral Energy. The development of infrastructure increases the availability of cleaner energy when the access to shore is an issue. We think this will be increasingly important in the years to come," says Stig Sagevik, Logistics Manager at Gasum.

“Only in concert with our customers can we realise the commercialisation and track record of our floating jettyless terminal solutions. Together with Naturgy and Gasum, among others, we have proven the utility of the IQuay,” said ECONNECT CEO Morten Christophersen. “It takes forward thinking organisations coming together to adopt new technology to address challenges in energy distribution.”

In conjunction with the IQuay client Naturgy and operator Gasum, other partners in the operation included SINTEF, Trelleborg, Anthony Veder, Herøya Industrial Park, the Grenland Port Authority, the Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket) and with support from Innovation Norway. To date, ECONNECT Energy with Naturgy have developed, built and commissioned the only existing jettyless floating transfer system in the world.

David M Knutsen


David M Knutsen

Chief Technology Officer
As co-founder, David has been instrumental in the development of the IQuay technology, from the very early concept development, to the production, operation and delivery of the first commercial unit. Today, he is responsible for Project Management and Operations at ECONNECT.
Danielle Murphy-Cannella


Danielle Murphy-Cannella

Head of Sustainability and Compliance
After working for energy majors overseeing international initiatives focussed on sustainable development, Danielle joined ECOnnect Energy in 2021 to support the company’s sustainable initiatives. Danielle is committed to helping businesses be a force for good with the use of data and transparent communication to improve social and environmental performance. She holds a master’s degree in Sustainable Development from Robert Gordon University, UK, and a B.A. in Political Science and Language from Tulane University, USA.

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