Meet ECOnnect Energy's summer interns for 2023, Helene, Ludvig and Einar.

Meet the ECOnnect Energy Summer 2023 Interns

Jun 30, 2023
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A conversation with our summer 2023 interns, Helene Moxnes, Ludvig Lyche and Einar Gjeraker.

These talented individuals bring a wave of enthusiasm and passion for sustainability to ECOnnect Energy. When asked why they chose to join us, their responses echoed a common desire to make a meaningful impact on the environment and contribute to a greener future. With their diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we are excited to see how they will infuse our team with innovative ideas and unique solutions. We warmly welcome Helene, Ludvig and Einar and eagerly anticipate the valuable contributions they will make during their time with us!

Tell us about yourselves and why you chose your area of study:

Helene: I am from the coastal city of Kristiansand, I've always been captivated by the mighty forces of the ocean and the intriguing navigation challenges they pose. This fascination led me to pursue a bachelor's degree in marine technology. Additionally, my eagerness to explore unfamiliar territories and delve into the realms of business development prompted me to enrol in NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship, where I broadened my understanding of marine technology and became a civil engineer.

Ludvig: Growing up in Oslo, I developed a profound interest in practical tasks and technology. The stories shared by my family about my mechanical engineer grandfather, whom I never had the chance to meet, deeply inspired me. Even at a young age, after contemplating a career as a firefighter or police officer, I decided that engineering was my true calling.

Einar: At 22 years old, I hail from Bergen and am currently studying Marine Technology at NTNU. My decision to pursue this field of study stems from its vital importance in Norway. With our nation's rich expertise derived from the oil and gas industry, we have earned a prominent position as a world-class marine institute.

What do you hope to accomplish during your summer internship?

Helene: My primary objective for this summer internship is to accomplish the predefined goals of our project, leaving a lasting impact at ECOnnect Energy. Additionally, I am excited to expand my professional network and enhance my understanding of business and technology development at the crossroads of the energy and marine sectors. Moreover, I am eager to gain valuable insights into ECOnnect Energy's approach to identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities.

Ludvig: Throughout this summer internship, my main aspiration is to learn from the experienced professionals at ECOnnect and bridge the gap between my theoretical knowledge and practical applications. This opportunity is truly invaluable in terms of deepening my technical expertise and understanding the problem-solving mindset of an engineer when faced with complex tasks.

Einar: My primary aim during this summer internship is twofold: to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the energy sector and to delve deeper into the intricacies of hydrodynamics. Moreover, I recognize the immense value of gaining work experience in a forward-thinking company like ECOnnect Energy, which aligns with my future-oriented mindset.

What trends or new ways of thinking are emerging in your area of study?

Helene: One emerging trend in my area of study is the rapid growth of AI tools in business development and emerging ventures. These tools offer significant time and resource savings. Furthermore, the marine industry is experiencing a shift towards sustainable practices, focusing on eco-friendly propulsion systems, energy-efficient technologies, and measures to reduce emissions and waste.

Ludvig: At NTNU, there is a noticeable shift in the curriculum from oil and gas towards renewable energy sources such as hydrogen, wind, solar, and battery technology. While the petroleum industry will continue to play a role in energy supply, there is increasing emphasis on understanding and minimizing the total environmental footprint of our activities. Monitoring energy consumption and reducing emissions are key aspects of optimizing sustainability.

Einar: In the field of Marine Hydrodynamics, the core principles remain the same, but the application of technology is evolving to address new challenges in the green transition. Expertise gained from the oil and gas industry is proving valuable in designing offshore wind farms, solar cells, and other offshore renewable energy solutions.

What excites you about working?

Helene: What excites me the most about working is the opportunity to develop innovative and sustainable solutions. I am driven by the belief that there is always room for improvement and enjoy the challenge of pushing boundaries. Moreover, stepping out of my comfort zone and acquiring new skills and knowledge are motivating factors that I embrace wholeheartedly.

Ludvig: There are several aspects that excite me about working. Firstly, being entrusted with significant responsibilities and delivering on expectations brings a sense of exhilaration. Secondly, collaborating with students from diverse backgrounds enables me to explore the interconnections between different engineering disciplines and create novel technologies. Additionally, being part of an exciting project prompted me to cut short my exchange program in Lisbon, highlighting my enthusiasm for this opportunity. Lastly, building lasting relationships with experienced professionals in the field is invaluable for my future career journey.

Einar: The excitement of working lies in the practical application of the skills I have acquired during my studies. Being able to see how my knowledge translates into solving real-life problems is truly rewarding. Moreover, the opportunity to learn from experienced mentors and co-workers in the fields of marine and process engineering is a valuable aspect of working at ECOnnect Energy.

When you’re not in the office what are you doing?

Helene: When I'm not in the office, I find fulfilment in engaging in physical exercise and outdoor activities, which provide me with a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, I cherish spending quality time with friends over a delightful dinner or enjoying the thrill of an exciting movie.

Ludvig: Outside of the office, I relish moments of relaxation in a comfortable chair, indulging in a good book while basking in the pleasant Oslo weather. Staying physically fit is important to me, and I find joy in running, covering distances of around 15 to 20 kilometers to maintain a healthy body and mind. Skiing and biking are also cherished passions of mine. Lastly, socializing with friends, enjoying a few beers, and exploring the city energize me.

Einar: During my time away from the office, I prefer to stay active by engaging in activities like golfing or going for a run. If I can find some spare moments, I thoroughly enjoy the occasional fishing trip, embracing the tranquillity of nature.

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