The ECONNECT Energy blog features an interview with Summer interns (from left) Andreas Gudbrandsen, Sebastian Kaland and Ida Sandtorp

Meet the ECONNECT Summer 2022 Interns

Danielle Murphy-Cannella
Jul 20, 2022
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A conversation with the ECONNECT Energy Summer 2022 interns: Andreas Gudbrandsen, Sebastian Kaland and Ida Sandtorp.

We are privileged to have three summer interns at ECONNECT Energy who bring abundant energy, fresh perspectives and new ideas to the organisation.

Just as our jettyless technology challenges the maritime and energy industry’s status quo – we also like to be challenged by the bright and capable next generation. From new social media trends to ammonia dispersion analysis and detailed market research, our interns have already taught us a lot (and the summer is not over yet).

Meet Andreas, Sebastian and Ida.

Tell us about yourselves and why you chose your area of study:

Andreas: I have always been fascinated by the ocean, and in combination with an interest in math and physics in school marine technology stood out as the most obvious area of study. It is also becoming increasingly important to develop technology for environmentally friendly shipping and reduce the costs in the maritime industry, and I want to be part of the change.

Ida: I have a background in industrial economics and civil engineering, I am from Sarpsborg in Norway and I currently live in Trondheim to study entrepreneurship and business. I am also a civil engineer, as I am motivated by progress and civil engineering because it is very hands on. You can see engineering hours turn into something tangible like a building. My second master degree is also consistent with seeing progress, turning an idea into a business or a specific project to benefit people and bring them together. Both civil engineering and business development are cooperative disciplines, and I like working with people. I can be more creative when it comes to business development and I like that. 

Sebastian: I am 25 years old and originally from Bergen. I am currently pursuing a two-year master's degree in entrepreneurship at NTNU called the School of Entrepreneurship, and I also have a background in economics as well as digital business development. In my perspective, entrepreneurship is all about solving problems through determination and hard work, and this is precisely what drives society in the right direction. The reason why I chose to start entrepreneurship is because I’m passionate about problem solving and I want to contribute actively to the progress of our society.

What do you hope to accomplish during your summer internship?

Andreas: I want to acquire a deeper understanding and knowledge of the energy sector, and the technical process behind a marine operation. It will be fascinating to see the complexity, planning and the variables which go into completing a project. I am also looking forward to working for a company which is aiming to create a greener future.

Ida: The main objective is to have a better overview of the energy and shipping sectors. They are influential on other industries, and they are interdependent with geography and politics. The industry has potential to connect green businesses and lead by example in the energy transition. It is interesting to see how my background in another industry can transfer to this industry.

Sebastian: I hope to gain a deep understanding of the energy and shipping industry, and to better my competence of how to run a scale up. In addition to the personal development I will get from this summer internship, I hope that the results of my work will create lasting value for ECONNECT.

What trends or new ways of thinking are emerging in your area of study?

Andreas: Developing autonomous solutions which could, for instance, reduce costs and streamline production of seafood in a sustainable way. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions new ships that consume less energy must be developed. Low emissions fuels must be further explored, produce renewable energy at sea, carbon capture and storage.

Ida: Entrepreneurship practices and new start ups from NTNU are using AI and machine learning. It is becoming more common in construction and other industries too. The metaverse is growing too, thinking of how blockchain and NFTs are solidifying ideas around the metaverse. Industries are changing mindsets and accepting more digital approaches. In business development, I see more businesses using cloud systems and moving away from local servers. At NTNU a lot of students are building digital platforms for various business functions.

Sebastian: I would say that there are especially two major trends present in the field of entrepreneurship today.

1. Norway is in need of new sectors and businesses that can replace our dependence on the oil and gas industry in the future. Vast amounts of resources and attention are put towards solving this issue, creating a good foundation for innovation.

2. Sustainability is present in everything we do within entrepreneurship. In order to become a viable business, your contribution towards sustainability has to be apparent throughout your entire business model.

What excites you about working?

Andreas: I see this as an opportunity to contribute to an exciting company and industry. I am looking forward to applying some of the skills and knowledge I have acquired during my time studying to real life applications.

Ida: I genuinely aim to make a positive impact. Even small projects can have a big impact – at NTNU I am motivated to help people make progress towards one common goal. 

Sebastian: I strive to always exceed expectations through hard work, dedication and delivery. The combination of these properties gives me the ability to deliver high quality results and get positive feedback from managers, coworkers and partners, which is what excites me!

When you’re not in the office, what are you doing?

Andreas: I like to hang out with friends, play football, work out and I watch a lot of sports on TV. I am also the unofficial Norwegian champion in footgolf.

Ida: I’m pretty extroverted so I spend time with people who give me energy, I need to have people in my life. I play a lot of beach volleyball, do crossfit and I’m managing my own startup at NTNU. I am also part of an initiative called Engage, a student-based mentoring service that is spreading through other regions in Europe. I am currently working with other students in Croatia, Poland and Sweden. 

Sebastian: Socialising with friends and family and exercising is a big part of my everyday life outside the office. 

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Apr 25, 2023

Danielle Murphy-Cannella


Danielle Murphy-Cannella

Head of Sustainability and Compliance
After working for energy majors overseeing international initiatives focussed on sustainable development, Danielle joined ECOnnect Energy in 2021 to support the company’s sustainable initiatives. Danielle is committed to helping businesses be a force for good with the use of data and transparent communication to improve social and environmental performance. She holds a master’s degree in Sustainable Development from Robert Gordon University, UK, and a B.A. in Political Science and Language from Tulane University, USA.


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