Lars Thoresen Haug: technically-astute business development associate at Connect LNG
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Our business development associate: Lars Thoresen Haug

Feb 23, 2021
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ECONNECT is proud to introduce Lars Thoresen Haug, our technically-astute business development associate.

Lars recently delivered his Masters Thesis in Marine with a focus on Hydrodynamics at NTNU, and has a deep technical understanding of how floating structures behave in water. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Technology from Western Norway University of Applied Science.

Lars has been with ECONNECT since the summer of 2019 and creates feasibility studies for prospective projects.

He has an interest in working with technology to solve challenges in energy delivery.

“I enjoy engaging in the structural solutions for the [floating] pillars, everything is optimised. Most of the small problems that people don’t see, we try to optimise to make the best structure possible.

Lars has also worked with fish cage technology for fish farming and recognises the importance of new technology for a wide range of marine development. Looking to the future of energy solutions, Lars shares,

“There is a lot of potential with LNG, as well as hydrogen transfer. Even alternative energy sources like wind and solar are dependent on a more reliable on a stable energy flow.”

Lars is currently based in Trondheim and with his partner has one daughter and one on the way. When he is not working or studying, he enjoys the cold Norwegian winters outdoors and is an avid skier.

Connect with Lars.

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Apr 6, 2021


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